Why use HandyHome?

Because why shouldn’t we opt for an easier life? Handyhome provides a 3-click process to register a repair request with any brand for any electronic device. No more contacting the call center and facing long call queues.

Who repairs our appliances?

With HandyHome, you are connected to the trusted technicians from the brand's authorized service centers, who provide doorstep service for any requirement.

What if my appliance is under warranty? What if it's not?

If the device is currently under warranty, you can easily get it fixed with no charge. If it is not under warranty, the concerned brand's nominal charges will apply.

Why get it repaired from the brand's authorized service center?

Brand trained personnel, genuine parts, post service warranty and no tampering! Also, the only way to avail original warranty.

Is there any extra charge for registering complaints?

HandyHome does not charge any extra amount for providing this service. Only the concerned brand's nominal charges (if applicable) have to be paid for.