About Us

Finding the right person for electronic repairs used to be a combination of word of mouth, using the phone book or ‘googling' toll free numbers which is so 2014. HandyHome solves all possible hurdles one can face while completing the daunting ever growing ‘weekend-do list’.

What to do when your fridge decides it's too cool to be cool on the day you have a party and a fridge full of drinks? Run to Handyhome, stat! Whether you need an technician to check out that troublesome refrigerator or the tiny bugs you want to fix on your phone, Handyhome has you covered. It is a simple ‘Click it to fix it’ theory which requires a phone and a working thumb. What’s more? You don’t need to struggle finding your bills/warranty cards when you need them. HandyHome stores them for you in your account to provide a hassle-free service from brand authorized service centers.

Aside from being incredibly awesome at what we do, here are some of the reasons why you should be a part of the HandyHome family:

At your fingertips

No more ancient methods of calling up the customer care, waiting for long pauses, answering a 100 questions, and facing an IVRS to register your complaint! 3 clicks is all you need to make.

Only Brand service centers: From the experts, by the experts.

We pride at providing you services from authorized service centers of the desired Brand.

Easy Warranty claiming

Still paying for fixing gadgets covered under warranty? Handyhome is the simplest way to avail warranty through brands.

As per your schedule

We understand how busy you are during the week. Schedule service at a time that works for you.

In-app bill box

No more scurrying around the house searching for the bills. Store all your necessary bills for an easy and stress-free communication.